Friday, February 9, 2007

There's Still Room for Enforcers...

Eric Francis, from the Calgary Sun, says there’s still room in the NHL for enforcers. He goes on to hammer Pens coach, Michel Therrien, for boo-hooing to the league about protecting a player. Now that’s something new… maybe the NHL will integrate a THIRD referee to shadow star players and make sure they are protected.
Coach Michel Therrien made a desperate, pathetic plea for the league to better protect Crosby last week after the league's star attraction was once again used as a Penguin pinata.

Truth is, the league has spent years setting laughable precedents in terms of dispensing justice, thus leaving such security tasks in the hands of enforcers.

Darryl Sutter figured it out late in the summer by inking Eric Godard to a deal.

And while few knew he'd be up with the big club as much as he has of late, it's clear he's here to stay.

With an emerging group of superstars on his hands, Sutter knows someone other than Jarome Iginla, Dion Phaneuf or Robyn Regehr has to keep opponents in line.

So go ahead Mr. Therrien, whine all you want about the mistreatment opponents have reserved for Crosby. Truth is, until you start fighting back you should be beating yourself up over this one.

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