Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Eric Godard Reacts to the Instigator Rule

Eric Godard has reacted to the proposed change to the insitgator. Check out what he has to say at the Calgary Sun. A couple of tid bits:

In fact, he’d like to see the penalty erased from the rulebooks, using the recent hit on tammate David Moss as an example.

The hit on Moss, which occured Saturday night when Colorado’s Ossi Vaananen hit him from behind, has put the Flames forward out of commission with facial injuries from his impact on the dasher board.

“He doesn’t even get suspended, so where’s the retribution on him?” Godard said yesterday. “Maybe if there’s some sort of rule that’s in place, he’ll make a better decision, just carrying him into the boards instead of burying him.”

“There are certain circumstances where it’s inevitable actions have to be taken,” said the Flames forward. “For the most part, I don’t think you see it happening too often. I don’t know how many instigators have been taken but there are times when there is a cheapshot, it’s only fair for somebody to be able to stick up for his teammate.”

"You can see the purpose of it,” said Iginla, who likes the idea of extending it to five games before handing out suspensions. “You don’t want a guy taking 10, not having it be an issue if they’re just jumping guys. There is a purpose for policing on the ice.”

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