Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ray Ferraro Lays Into Matt Cooke

Apparently Cooke was doing some running around against the Oilers and Ray had these kind words to say about him (second hand quote BTW):

“See its players like this guy why we need to get rid of the instigator rule. He's never going to fight, his gloves are sewed on. You'll never get him to drop the gloves. He hides behind the instigator; him and guys like Ruutu from Pittsburgh and Tyson Nash. Those guys are all the same, and they are why we should get rid of the instigator. I would suggest that if they played 15 years ago they would have had their chicklets handed to them.”

Cmon Ray… lighten up. This is the New NHL. The Code is non-existent. Tough guys are neutered. If you want to help your team you dive and lay out cheapies. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

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Anonymous said...

Forget the new rules... if they were to take the instigator out, I'd buy the season tickets I once had. At least then, hockey players could earn their repuations instead of living off of past players and the very few tough players they have today.