Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Donald Sits Down for a Q&A

Check out NBC’s recent Q&A with Washington Capital enforcer, Donald Brashear. Brash had a nice take on the Shanahan fight at MSG a few weeks back. According to the bruising winger…

It was a big game for us, and we were losing. At times, when things like that happen with teams playing at home, they always gets more brave, so you see
things happening and it [ticks] you off. I had a little bit of emotion going, and the game was over [at that point] and you want to send a message. So I went out on a shift against [Jaromir] Jagr and I went to hit him and he slew-footed me and got a penalty. Shanahan was kind of yapping at me and so I screamed at him, 'you were the one that was asking for the rules to be like that where we can't touch anybody.' And he was screaming at the ref, and I said, 'stop bitching, because that's what you wanted.' So I guess he figured he wanted to show me that 'I could get out there and fight too, if you want me to.' He's a guy that played a long time in the league and has always been known as being pretty tough too for doing what he's doing -- scoring and dropping the gloves. I respect that, but when he dropped his gloves, I was kind of surprised. I thought he was joking, but I didn't mind going with him.

And go figure… if Brash were the Commissioner for a day, he says he’d change the rules.

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