Sunday, February 18, 2007

Brant Myhers Update...

Great article from the Edmonton Journal... a couple quick quoties and you read the rest.

Brantt Myhres never did keep a log of his many fights.

But going back to his wild junior days, the former NHLer figures he dropped his gloves about 300 times before former Edmonton Oilers enforcer Georges Laraque ended his career with a smashing left hand in a 2005 pre-season game at the Saddledome in Calgary.

Myhres never fought again.

Myhres, who turns 33 next month, is now as an agent-in-training with Ritch Winter's firm.

He was drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning, 97th overall in '92. In his 154 NHL regular-season games in Tampa, Philadelphia, San Jose, Nashville and Boston, he accumulated 687 penalty minutes, six goals and eight points. Not to mention hundreds of fights.

"I got calls from the Quebec (senior men's) League, too. You can make 10 grand a week, but my dad said, 'Brantt, are you crazy? You know it was hard fighting for $500,000 a year,' " said Myhres. "The guys in that league were trying to tell me, 'No, no, we want you as a power forward, we've got four other guys to fight.'

"I said, 'You think I'm stupid. Most goals I ever scored in one year in pro was four.' That league is something else. I saw some film where two guys on the same team wanted to fight somebody on the other side and they went, 'Rock, scissors, paper' to see who won. Can you believe that?"

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Anonymous said...

I had the privilege to interview Brant Myhers when he was in San Jose. He won some devestating fights and was great to talk to off the ice. Glad Brant still has a hand in hockey