Friday, February 23, 2007

Senators/Sabres: THE WAR...THE CHAOS

Who would have thought in today's NHL. Who would have thought??

What a game to be in attendance for, it was a blast from the past, the adenalin running through my veins, I was shaking when the PIER SIXER all out BUFFALO style brawl happened, it was just poetic justice. I was so pumped.

Ok, first off, BIG MISTAKE by Bryan "I want to win too hard" Murray to scratch McGrattan yet again when he knew full well the Sabres had Peters playing regularly, Killer Kaleta up ready to make an impression, and Adam Mair as well. This is ALL on Murray. Bonehead move and he PAID FOR IT. That was great. To make a coach pay for not dressing his enforcer. He learned a valuable lesson. Safe to say, McGrattan is back in next game on Saturday.

Neil's shoulder smash was a cheap shot of sorts, but not suspendable I don't think, he should have gotten penalized though, considering the refs were calling lesser infractions. It looked worse than it was but still, the Sabres aren't going to take that, especially against Drury, and especially since they have had 6 regulars go down in the last 7 games. It just boiled over. Kudos to 20 yr old Drew Stafford for going after and fighting Neil. That was nice to see. Ruff went nuts, waited till the last minute and shouted GO to Peters, Mair and Kaleta who hadn't played as a line all night, so you knew it was a staged "bush league" "SLAPSHOT" esque call to arms as he saw Heatley, Spezza etc. on the ice. Nothing I love more than the old EYE for and EYE mentality. Its great, its old school, its hockey. Eddie Shore! Puck drops and the crowd is buzzing, the whole crowd cheered as Peters and his brothers of war came over and soon Kaleta was shoving Heatley before the puck drop, and as soon as it drops Mair goes right at Spezza, slashing and challenging him to fight. Of course Spezza will not look at him or fight, so Mair gives him no choices and drops the gloves and starts firing and nails Spezza with a few good shots, then everyone drops the gloves and fly in there in a wild brawl, Biron motions to Emery, and the goalie fight is on!!! Biron's first fight ever I think, in way over his head but does a decent job standing in a took a couple and bounced back up. Peters was just going from pair off to pair off adding punches where needed then decided he wanted to go Emery since Emery got the better of Biron, and I saw him making his way over and you knew it was on. What was sad as the Senators did not even help Emery, nobody even attempted to come off the bench, it was a joke. I watched the pussy's on the bench just standing there. Someone or all of them should have cleared the benches when the other team's heavy is beating up your #1 goalie. Peters thumps Emery, but nothing damaging as Emery hung on. Kaleta was going with someone but never got a major just a misconduct. Also Mair didn't get the 27 PIM package like I thought he would, only 17 PIM and got to stay in the game. A rare good call by the refs in a game where the refs were basically trying to hand the game to Ottawa with many blown and phantom calls. Spezza got nothing for absoring some shots, and Heatley refused to get involved in the brawl because he did not want to get kicked out of the game. Nice team guys Heatley and Spezza are eh?? What a joke. They watched their goalie get abused by the other team's enforcer because they wanted to stay in the game. No heart.

Murray got up on the glass after Ruff. But nothing came of it. I think they are friends actually.

I thought Neil would try to get some revenge after he came out of the box but of course he didn't. He isn't an enforcer or real tough guy anymore, I have been on him for a while, but I think he is just about through. He has become a good player though, but still, I thought he would do something, or run Miller even.

McGrattan I guess was going nuts in the press box, pacing and swearing, and was in the stands for a while too later. Just losing it, so he will be pissed Saturday.

The post game interviews were funny. Murray was pissed, some pretty dumb comments overall, he said if the NHL doesn't take care of it, his team will Saturday. So their will be no jinx or let down game here, it will be another brawl/fight game. Emery's interview was funny, he called Mair and Peters "meatballs" and said he looked and saw Peters standing around in the brawl looking stupid as usual. LOL He also said Biron was dancing around motioning to fight, so he had no problem because he loves doing it and its part of the game he enjoys!!! A rare thing for a goalie to say. The fact he got 2 fighting majors on the same play and took on the other team's heavy is admirable. I remember back in Buffalo vs Vancouver 1997 or 98 range, when Sean Burke fought Barnaby, then Sheilds one second later for 2 majors. Its always happens in Buffalo, the best brawls in the NHL, you know it.

So will McGrattan just go out and challenge and fight Peters right away on Saturday? BORING. But he probably will do that. I think he should run Miller or Biron or Briere and start a brawl. But the NHL will throw the book at him and be all over him in the game, him and Peters. The NHL will probably suspend Peters and Neil 1 game so they miss Saturday. Who knows.

All I got to say, for everyone, the Buffalo Sabres always have been, are, and always will be THE HOCKEY FIGHT/BRAWL team, no other team can match them in what they do over the years, for decades, it just is tradition, I don't know, but when it all shakes down they are the only team with balls, guys, retribution, and old school bush league ass kickers. You can have your Anaheim single fights here and there, big deal, a lot of single fights get old after a while, but its always Buffalo, for some reason who come up with something so special that makes message boards like Fried Chicken's and other fight boards tick year after year. And right now, in the past couple weeks, the Sabres have been the best fight team in the NHL racking up majors and more majors. You got to admit it. The Sabres keep it real.

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Brian P. Sulpher said...

You think Buffalo has the best tradition for brawling? Hah. Try Philly in the 70's.