Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sabres Fans Pay Up in Pizza Money

Seems the Buffalo Sabres’ fans don’t agree with Colin Campbell’s decision to fine the coach $10,000 for his action against the Senators this past week. As a matter of fact, they’re ready to put their money where the mouth is. According to SLAM, two different fan-based fundraisers have been established to pay Lindy’s fine.

"Put down the pen, put away the cheque book. This one's on us," said Chris Phillips, co-owner of a Buffalo-area pizza store, who plans to donate 10 per cent of every sale toward what he called, The Lindy Ruff Fine Fund. "I know Lindy's got the means to pay.

Ruff smiled when asked about the fundraisers after practice Monday.

"For the fans to step in is incredible," Ruff said. "But at the end of the day, I'm responsible for what I've done, and they're trying to cover my tracks, which is good, I guess."

Ruff said whatever money raised will not go toward paying the fine, but instead will be donated to charity.

If you can claim a winner in this mini-rivalry, it certainly is the Buffalo Sabres, their coach, and their fans. Lindy Ruff responded in a manner that can be respected by any blue collar NHL fan. He sent out players to stand up for their fallen teammate. He then watched as Bryan Murray moaned and groaned about his actions, even though Murray has done the same exact thing twice in the past – once with the Capitals and once with the Mighty Ducks. The Senators also lose because their players looked on as their goaltender fought the Sabres toughest player in Andrew Peters. Peters later edged out tough guy Brian McGratton in a much anticipated fight in Ottawa. The Sabres won the first game and then narrowly lost the second, losing in Ottawa while play eight call ups because of injuries. With the exception of Chris Neil, who I think dished out a clean hit on a vulnerable opponent and won his fight against Buffalo’s agitator in Adam Mair, the Senators and their coach looked terrible throughout these two games.

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