Saturday, February 24, 2007

Colin Campbell Rears His Ugly Head

Colin Campbell is an ugly individual... well, most of the time.

But we won't go too hard on Campbell for this one. Usually one to jump all over situations like the Senators/Sabres brawl, Campbell went easy this time, fining Sabres coach Lindy Ruff $10,000 for sending his players on the ice to go after the Senators star players.

While we fully support Ruff's actions, for reasons that could fill the full length of this blog entry, we can't help but say that Ruff made a mistake.......... with his post-game comment that he told his players to "Go out and run 'em." Woops. One comment and you just cost yourself $10,000. Simply put, as a coach, you should never admit to sending players out to do dirty work. Does it occur? Yes, absolutely. Should you talk about it after the game? No... not unless you want to buy Campbell a fresh set of emroidered hankies.

Satisfied with his fine money, Campbell reached into his bag of tricks today and pulled out his suspension wand. In an incident that was described as non-verbal and non-physical, Lighting forward Andre Roy has been suspended for three games by Campbell. Roy was issued a game misconduct at the 20:00 minute mark of the 3rd period for Abuse of Officials.

Wait a second... let's back on this a quick second. He apparently did not verbally abuse the officials. And we know he didn't physically abuse the officials because that would be major news. So what exactly could he have done???

Your guess is as good as mine as details are very limited on this issue. But, hey, I'll take a shot and muster one guess...

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