Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And the Yuppies in Montreal are Gearing Up

Protest time baby... bring your signs. I'm not really sure why or what we're protesting, but let's be heard TONIGHT!

Forget the fact that accidental concussions are leading to most concussions in the game, we want these accidents to stop. And we're bringing our signs to show our displeasure about the accidents that occur in this game of hockey, the game that takes place at breakneck speeds.

As a matter of fact, next step NASCAR! Them there accidents have to go too.

So Bruce Boudreau said if we don't like it don't come. We won't be coming inside Bruce... not until game time starts. We still love the game. So we'll all still be wearing our Canadians' jerseys. We'll even buy hotdogs (wait yuppies don't like meat --- make that tofu dogs) and lemonades. We'll cheer on our yuppie team led by our yuppie coach. Nope, no need for toughness on this team. Teams (like the Bruins) won't try to outmuscle us or anything like that. Nah.

Did anyone see our 1,500 signatures we brought in on our online petition? Never mind that 1,500 signatures is a few hundred short of the petition on passing gas in Montreal taxi cabs (those cabbie drivers know how to organize man), we're bringing signs tonight baby! Eat that!

And just so everyone know, this will be a peaceful protest... with signs. Oh yes, we're crossing our fingers and toes that Damien Cox shows up and dramatizes the whole event.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chara Saved by the National Hypocrisy League

Statement from the NHL's Mike Murphy:

“After a thorough review of the video I can find no basis to impose supplemental discipline. This hit resulted from a play that evolved and then happened very quickly -- with both players skating in the same direction and with Chara attempting to angle his opponent into the boards. I could not find any evidence to suggest that, beyond this being a correct call for interference, that Chara targeted the head of his opponent, left his feet or delivered the check in any other manner that could be deemed to be dangerous."

Eh, Mike, look no further than this picture from the Boston Globe for evidence...

More from Mike Murphy:

“This was a hockey play that resulted in an injury because of the player colliding with the stanchion and then the ice surface. In reviewing this play, I also took into consideration that Chara has not been involved in a supplemental discipline incident during his 13-year NHL career."

Of course not, why would a star player get suspended for, um, something like what you see in the video below... you know, when Chara worked over a few referees to get at, um, Max Pacioretty? A mere month ago Chara was trying to get at Pacioretty. Now the guy is in the hospital with a sever concussion and broken neck.

How's that for history?

Nice job NHL. If this were Trevor Gillies, he's be playing pickup hockey on the local tennis courts right now.