Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Great One Chimes in on Fighting in the NHL

Wayne Gretzky sees the value in hockey fights. Mike Zeisberger, from the Toronto Sun, recently released a Q&A he had with the Great One on the always polarizing topic. Recently, anti-fight supporters jumped all over the Kris Newbury KO, calling for an end to fisticuffs in hockey.

Gretzky disagrees…."I don't love fighting, it's not something I tell my players to do, it's not something I would do. But as stupid as it sounds, it probably prevents a lot of stick infractions. "The unique thing about our sport is that we play with hockey sticks that potentially can be used as weapons. This is a game that is very emotional and guys are only human. Fighting gives them an outlet to release (energy and frustrations) instead of slashing, cross checking and high sticking. "You almost never see a tough guy grab a small skilled guy and start (punching) either. There is still a code."

So add the greatest hockey players of all time to the list of current and former players that support fighting. One day, anti-hockey fight supporters will realize that there are far more damaging aspects in hockey that they should focus their time on.

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Anonymous said...

Even the Great One gets it. Neil Broten must have knocked some sense into him! ;)