Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chelios Misses the Old-Time Hockey

Thanks to Kuklas Corner for pointing out this blip in the New York Post.

“Coaches like Mike Keenan and Darryl Sutter encouraged going out there antagonizing and intimidating,” Chelios said of his time with the Blackhawks, which ended with a 1999 trade to Detroit and a coach with a different philosophy. “Scotty Bowman didn’t like that type of play, the scrums after the whistle, the penalties. “You look back at the old Chicago days, players hated coming into that building. It was like the gladiators, a battle every time they came in there. I love that type of game.”

Chelios added: “But the league is changing. It’s more of a European style of play. If they think that’s going to fly in North America, I’m all for it if it helps the game, but I’m an old-school defenseman.”


Rev said...

Good for Cheli - he's right... those were the days they had Probert roaming around the ice in Chicago - Hawks certianly aren't intimidating anybody these days.

Anonymous said...

The league is changing for the worse because of Bettman. Bettman has to go!!

They're just getting it started, but it's a movement we must join in on and try to help join together to get rid of the devil of hockey!!