Friday, February 23, 2007

ESPN Knows What's Best

Check out the front page of ESPN Hockey, you know, the same ESPN that wouldn't re-up with the NHL. Could this be a message. While some will tell you that fighting hinders the NHL from grabbing major t.v. contracts, ESPN's reaction to last nights brawl couldn't give a clearer idea as to what they think fans want to see.

ESPN Sports Center has run extended clips from last night's Sens/Sabers brawl countless time. Barry Melrose gave a blow by blow description of just how things transpired as well.

Now we have the ESPN NHL page posting nothing but hockey fights. Check out their gallery of pics, a description of last night's brawl, and video recaps of the fights, coaches reactions, and Barry Melrose commentary (have to go to the site for those links)... ALL linked to their front page.

When will the NHL catch on?


Fauxrumors said...

1) Hopefully the NHL WILL 'catch on' to the fact that fighting sells!!
2) Fans want/love it. Who is usually a team's favourite player among fans? Yes the enforcer!

Sig said...

Thanks for the comment Faux... I will add that, on top of that, the enforcer is usually one of the most popular guys in the dressing room. It was an embarrassment last night to watch the Sens players look on as Peters fought their goalie. They should have jumped in... pretty weak on their part.

Fauxrumors said...

1) Not defending the Sens actions, but Emory may have told his teammates to NOT intervene if he gets into a fight
2) He actually held his own with Peters despite al that extra equipment that hinders movement
3) Looking forward to tomorrow night in Ottawa!