Thursday, February 22, 2007

The hockey fight I can hardly stomach to watch... poor Craig Berube.

Craig "the Chief" Berube was one of my favorite Caps growing up. I still remember the excitement from reading the Washington Post article about the trade that brought Berube from the Flames to the Caps... there was the Chief hammering away on another opponent. It might have actually been Dennis Vial. Berube spent the next six years with the Caps before being shipped back to Philly for a year and half. We got to see him for another 22 games 2001-2002, but his time was pretty much up.

Now the fight below is probably the fight I most hate in the history of the NHL. It takes place in 1996 against the Panthers. As you can see in the video, Paul Laus absolutely destroys Berube with a right from out of nowhere. I say no more... I am at my weakest.

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