Monday, February 26, 2007

“[Expletive] Colin Campbell!” says Andre Roy

A bit perturbed from his three game suspension for faking a head butt at a referee, Andre Roy had some kind words for the league and its discipline deputy yesterday.

"It's all about the name on the back [of the sweater], and the number," Roy said. "If it's anybody else, maybe a 10-minute misconduct. But it's Andre Roy. We'll suspend him. They just like to [expletive] me.

"This [expletive] league, where's all the emotion? You used to be able to [expletive] let your emotions out, say what you think. ... I spoke, and I faked a head-butt, or
something like that. And they [expletive] suspend me.

"I'm very surprised. Very, very, very surprised. But ... [NHL executive] Colin Campbell likes to [expletive] me every time. So [expletive] him."

That [expletive] Andre Roy might be best to lay [expletive] low for a little while. [Expletive] [expletive] Colin [Expletive] Campbell has a short [expletive] fuse. So [expletive] Roy might not want to set that [expletiver] off.

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