Thursday, February 1, 2007

New Monthly Attendance Record?

Can you believe this? When will the lies end? When will the spin zone finally shut down? Can we PLEASE have a third-party track attendance for the NHL?

I love how most of these articles begin... "Despite empty seats in some cities — Chicago, New Jersey, Washington, Long Island and St. Louis — the league is reporting an all-time record for January attendance."

Just remember that the NHL can spit attendance records at you all they want. In fact, this makes them look all the more rediculous as tickets have been bought (at reduced prices) or given away (both of which make up attendance figures) but fans don't use them! Take a good look around... flip through your Center Ice package and take a quick peak at the stands and you will easily see that fans aren't coming to games. And in seat attendance is very important as well as teams do not make money when fans aren't showing up to games and spending their money on food, drinks, souveniers, and parking.

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