Sunday, March 25, 2007

To the Polls! Hockey Fight Polls Offer Reassurance

Let me just get a couple out of the way in one entry. To access more fighting polls, click on the "Polls" label at the bottom of the page.

Should the NHL consider banning fighting?

Yes - 13%
No - 87%
1664 votes

Do you like fighting in hockey?

Yes, it's part of the game - 81.5%
No, it's not necessary - 18.5%
275 votes

Do you enjoy a good hockey fight?
Yes - 85%
No - 15%
Total Votes for this Question: 792

And an update on Yahoo's poll (

Fighting in the NHL:
There's too much - 10%
It's not an issue - 52%
There should be more - 38%
43164 Total Votes

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