Friday, March 30, 2007

Donald Brashear and Capitals Fans Talk Fighting

Kudos to Eric McErlain over at Off Wing for his interview with Donald Brashear following the Pens game. Brashear. Brashear obviously seems upset over the treatment that enforcers get when they step foot on the ice. Brashear said the star players get away with a lot more. I can vouch for Brashear on that one as I seen him get hit with a number of loose penalty calls this year including one where he whistled for tripping when his stick was four feet aware from the opposing player's skates. I am sure the treatment is no different than what other enforcers around the league are getting.

Eric also took it to the streets (or the first level concourse) to grab some Caps' fans takes on fighting in the NHL. The response was overwhelming with most saying that fighting belong in the game to deter players from taking more cheap shots.

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