Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mike Modano Should be Suspended

Let's see how Colin Campbell reacts to this incident. Jordan Tootoo levels Mike Modano with a clean hit. In comes Stephane Robidas. Tootoo feels him coming and levels Robidas with a full gloved punch to the face. Robidas goes down like a sack of potatoes and has to be taken off on a stretcher. The gloved punch was similar to Donald Brashear smoking Brendan Witt a few weeks ago... no suspension was handed out.

Now here comes the interesting part. Right after the punch, Stars Captain Mike Modano swings his stick in full force and it lands across Tootoo's back. This isn't in the Chris Simon league. But the swing was dirty and, more importantly, it was dangerous. Just like in the Simon incident, it should not be condoned by the league. Mike Modano used his stick as a weapon last night folks. And star player or not, he should be suspended.



really mike vanderjagt said...

More like a love tap.

In retrospect, Mo should have gotten a slashing call. But it's not like Mo took a two handed baseball swing. He took a one-handed swing and actually let up quite a bit before he made contact.

What Tootoo did was gutless, plain and simple. The new NHL was supposed to rid themselves of punks like him. And if he doesn't watch it, he's going to get his very soon.

Anonymous said...

I just for the life of me can't figure out the NHL. There is no way Jordan Tootoo should be suspended for five games plain and simple. It was a clean hit on Modano for one thing. Not to mention that Robidas, had he not been knocked on his ass, was about to jump Tootoo from behind. And lets not forget Mike Modano swinging his stick like william wallace at the back of Tootoo. Was it a sucker punch? I don't know. it wasn't like he just wound up and hit him for no reason, Tootoo was simply defending himself once he noticed Robidas coming into jump. Robidas went after Tootoo and got more than he bargained for..plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

Robidas wants to be a tough guy and thats the price you pay. I think he did not see the hit he just reacted becouse it was Modano.Robidas was going to protect Modano and Tootoo is going to protect Tootoo. Robidas intention looked to be charging Tootoo and that boy is full of heart and determination. 5 games seems fair it was asuckker punch. I would like the same suspension to Robidas his itention was VERY clear. He was intent on giving injury to Tootoo.
Modano has to get a warning for the stick swing. He held up but it's a gutless move hit a guy from behind with a stick.


1) As most who read our blog can attest we LOVE fighting! What we don't like is stick work(the result of less fighting) and sucker punches
2) That said the Tootoo incident should be more looked upon as self defense than anything else. As another poster correctly pointed out if Tootoo doesn't quickly turn around Robidas back doors him
3) Campbell continues his inconsistency with this suspension. Days ago Donald Brashear cold cocked Brendan Witt, knocking him unconscious momentarily. The Donald got a 2 minute minor! No suspension.
4) We'd prefer that players use the time honored tradition of dropping the gloves and settling their differences. We'd prefer it if the HL stopped sending mixed signals and encouraged clean fights so incidents like Tootoo, Simon, Witt, Neil, Jannsons, etc wouldn't occur with such frequency

Anonymous said...

If the NHL wants to continue to protect the star players,we should play womans hockey and have no body contact.Tootoo's hit was clean and unfortunately for Robidas he tried to stick up for Modano.Tootoo's suspension is fair considering the outcome, but what about Modano's stick swinging and Robidas charge.We don't need the stick swinging, that as far as i'm concerned is using a weapon.Tootoo plays a rough hitting game against the stars as well as the muckers and the league doesn't like it.