Sunday, March 11, 2007

David Koci Wastes No Time

David Koci made a historic debut in the NHL last night. The 6'6" tough guy had three fights, received a major for charging, and was ejected from the game with 42 PIMs. I'm no penalty minute historian, so if anyone knows is there had been a more pugulistic debut beyond this, please post a comment. And please note that Koci's hit was 100% clean. Here is your YouTube for Koci getting dropped by Josh Gratton in his first NHL fight, then coming back to do a bit better in his second, followed by the clean Koci hit and Boynton versus Koci.

Note - Fine job by the commentator for mistaking Josh Gratton for Chris Gratton in the second fight.

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Doogie said...

Didn't someone get 45 PIM during the Philly-LA brawl of '78?