Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Matthew Barnaby Needs to Retire

Mike Heika, from the Dallas Morning News, has followed up with a story on Matthew Barnaby’s status since sustaining yet another fight-related concussion. The story is scary as Barnaby recounts failing some of his neurological tests, including not being able to remember numbers he was told just moments before. What is even scarier is Barnaby has decided to work out in hopes of possibly returning to the lineup some time this year.

The good news is that, even if he is in playing shape, the Stars might not have a use for Barnaby, especially when playoff time come around and enforcers start disappearing from team rosters.

Barnaby’s contract is up at the end of this year and it would be unfortunate if the Star’s re-signed Barnaby considering his concussion problems. Barnaby has given his heart and soul to the game of hockey. He would be best served to hold onto his mind and sanity. Barnaby is a husband and father. Continuing to play and risking further damage to his brain would be a dangerous and selfish decision on his part. My call to you is this Mr. Barnaby…

Retire from the game of hockey. Be proud of what you have accomplished in your 14 year career. And, more importantly, give yourself a chance at remembering the games that defined your career.

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Sulema Vasquez said...

I am also agree with it. I think it is an appropriate time for Matthew Barnaby to retire. He is one of the legend player in NHL.