Friday, March 30, 2007

Flyers Versus Rangers Saturday Night for Fights!

Let's get some hype built up for this game. A lot has been said. A lot has been written. So let's take a look at a game that has the potential for some FIREWORKS!

The last time these two hooked up, we had the infamous Colton Orr KO of Todd Fedoruk.

The hockey world shook after the KO as images of Fedoruk being carted on a stetcher filled television screens across North America. Ben Eager, the NHL league leader in penalty minutes, later took on Orr and edged him out in a spirited battle.

The two teams meet again, and for the final time this regular season, Saturday night in the City of Brothely Love. There is no doubt in my mind that the house will be rocking. The boys over at Fried Chicken's are already building up the hype for this game. And Todd Fedoruk's replacement in the lineup, Riley Cote, has been very candid in his comments about the game. From Flyersphans:

"As a role player, my job is to start stuff," Cote said. "I’m an energy guy. If I can’t find a fight, I have to bring a hit. The last couple of games ..I haven’t been finding fights. So this is a good challenge for me."

Cote, 25, who never scored much at any level but found no problem cranking 200-plus penalty minute seasons in the depths of the Central Hockey League, the East Coast Hockey League, and then with the Phantoms, is willing to take on all challenges.

"I’ve got a lot to prove here," Cote said. "This is a great opportunity the way it works out. I want to show this team that I can fill (Fedoruk’s) shoes in his absence.

"I’m not going to start calling guys out, because it’s a hockey game, not a boxing match. But I’ll play physical and get in people’s faces. And whatever comes, comes."

It was a fair fight between Todd Fedoruk and Colton Orr and an undisputed butt-kicking by the Rangers on the Flyers last week. But that isn't going to change what will happen when the teams play their final game this season at the Wachovia Center tomorrow, according to Riley Cote.

So, does that mean heads up New York?

"Well, yes, kind of," Cote said. "It was a fair fight and every time you fight there's a chance of getting knocked out or getting injured. But as a role player, everybody knows the consequences. There was no cheap shot or anything like that, but it is my teammate. I am a role player and I am a new guy. So I've got a lot to prove here. It's a great opportunity against a tough guy like [Orr].

"I'll get my name out there and show the team I can fill [Fedoruk's] shoes while he's absent.

"As a role player, my job is always to start stuff. I'm an energy guy and if I can't find a fight, I gotta bring a hit. The last couple of games I've found the hits but I can't find the fights. Playing these next couple of teams, they've got guys that are gamers and it will be a challenge."

So just who is this Riley Cote character? Well, take a peak:

And the other combatants for Saturday night? The fight card is as follows:

Riley Cote
Ben Eager
Fight 1
Fight 2
Fight 3
Brad Richards
Fight 1

Colton Orr
Fight 1
Fight 2
Fight 3
Ryan Hollweg (-vs- Eager)
Fight 1
Fight 2
Jason Strudwick
Fight 1
Fight 2
Sean Avery
Ryan Callahan
Fight 1
Fight 2

And before we get too pumped up about tomorrow night's game, keep in mind that the Devils are none to pleased with Ben Eager for his treatment of Scott Gomez last game. Eager's action even led Claude Jullien to say:
"Certain things happened that we can deal with the next time we see them."

Eager was also accused of turning down fights from David Hale and Mike Rupp. Eager's response to Jullien:
"I can't even remember the hit," Eager said. "If he gets hit, he gets hit.

"No one is not allowed to get hit out there. I just played hard and finished my checks. If they don't like it, that's their problem."

These two teams meet tonight and I fully expect Cote to find Janssen for his first NHL fight. Said Cote:
"He's a tough dude and it would be good to get my first (fight) under my belt," Cote said. "I'm surer (Eager) will be stirring it up, too. If those guys want to kill him, Eags is doing his job. He gets under people's skin."

Rest assure, Friday and Saturday night should be entertaining for Flyers fans.

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Anonymous said...

What a pathetic game this was. Colton Orr bitched out on Cote on a number of occasions. Eager ran everything in site and scored two goals. The Rangers might have won, but their "tough" guys were horrendous. Beauty of a goal by Ryan Hollweg too!!! Idiot.