Friday, March 2, 2007

Johnny Walker's kicked Chuck Liddell's arse...

on Dallas Morning news! Wow... the video says it all.

Liddell's trainer blamed the incident on Liddell taking too much Nyquil and having to get up early. Dallas' Morning Show host Gary Cogill said that the Iceman even fell asleep at one point. To top things off, when asked who he would like to fight next, the UFC champ replied by saying Tommy Morrison, the pro boxer that was forced to retire after testing positive for HIV in 1996.

In these days where we are accustomed to giving star athletes four and five passes for drug and other criminal offenses, I am going to let the Iceman off the hook on this one. He was clearly tanked on something, be it Nyquil, some Jager Bombs, or maybe even pain killers. But he was a good sport and didn't get upset when asked if he was okay. I'll file this one under a good laugh for the rest of us.

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