Monday, March 5, 2007

Damian Cox the Statistician

By and Large wrote a tightly wrapped synposis of Damian Cox's take on how wins should be the only measure of a goaltender.

Cox is moronic as they come. While our beef with him has to do with other aspects of the game, I can't help but post this to display just how misguided he is in general.

Over at Fried Chicken's, a member complained about Cox's lack of professionalism after having a back-and-forth email conversation about fighting in hockey. The member noted that they write about hockey fight's in Europe's largest NHL magazine, to which Cox replied:

Your wrong, but I've given up trying to reason with people like you who
can't see reason.. Good to know somebody's polluting Europe with this garbage.

Best of luck,

Damien Cox

It's good to know that the Toronto Star has such wonderful individuals, like Cox, representing their paper. And, once again, I can't help but point out the irony of seeing yet another anti-hockey fighting writer act in a manner that is in direct contrast with their line of thinking. To let Damian know what a wonderful individual he is, email him at

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