Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ovechkin Beats Up Malkin's Agent?

Now I do not speak Russian, but apparently so. Thank you to my bud Humpzilla for finding this:

In second part of this russian sport newspaper article says that Alexander Ovechkin fought Gennadiy Ushakov, Malkin agent. Some days ago after nightclub party Ovechkin had heated dispute with Ushakov. Ushakov insulted the Caps forward and they started to fight. As a result Ovechkin injured Ushakov's jaw.

AO and Malkin would make for a good tilt. Of course we're all holding out for AO/Crosby... because, yeah, that'll happen.

Update - According to Japers', AO has denied being in a fight.

Thoughts - It sounds as if everyone is taking AO's words at face value. Since when did athletes start telling the truth?

Yes, if I were a betting man (wait a second...), I'd believe him. At the same time, who wants to be known as the "agent byatch slapper?"

Update Update - Tarik's source says its true. Funny side - one of my Devil's buds asked if AO checked him from behind. Hmm... I thought that was Cam Janssen's territory?

Update Update Update - False again according to McErlain.

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JP said...

I dunno... I think I'd wear "agent byatch slapper" as a badge of honor. :)

Of course, given that Alex canned his former rep, it wouldn't be the first time he smacked down an agent, though this time would be significantly more literal.