Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Couple of Thoughts on Mr. Vick

So I was listening to my morning sports radio show, the Junkies, on the way in today. I so wanted to call in and go off on some of the callers; ah but I ride a commuter bus and 90% of the riders are asleep on my trek in to DC; so no dice.

But IF I were a caller, this is what I would have said.

First, I am sick of tired of people trying to justify Michael Vick's actions by comparing dog fighting to deer hunting. I don't hunt at all; but I recognize two very important differences between the dog fighting and deer hunting. One, killing a deer is typically done in a quick and humane way, by a bullet or pellets from a shotgun. Dog fighting is a disgustingly violent method of killing an animal, a pet no less, that can reportedly take up to an hour. Two, hunters either eat their kill or donate the meat for others to eat. We don't eat pit bulls the last time I checked.

Second, I am firm believer that many of the problems we see in today's youth start in the home. That being said, what kind of an example was set by Michael and Marcus Vick's parents when they were growing up? While good parents were busy spending time with their children, helping them with their homework, making them eat their vegatables, washing behind their ears, and sending them to bed at a proper time, I wonder what Mr. and Mrs. Vick were doing. Something tells me they weren't the best role models.

Regardless, as Charles Barkley said over the weekend, at some point we all have to make a decision whether or not we want to be men. It looks like Vick was more concerned about holding on the hood rather than moving forward as a man.

Question, are you surprised Michael Vick found Jesus in two weeks? I'm not. It seems like people go to Jesus when they need something from Jesus, doesn't it?

Vick, even though he sounded contrite in his apology, has made business decisions to protect his rear end up until now. He lied to Arthur Blank and Roger Goodell. He then entered a plea; but sugarcoated the plea by saying he didn't personally bet on the fights or personally kill the dogs. So do you really feel that Mike is being genuine in his apology? Or is he just a good liar that is proceeding with covering his arse and starting the path to rebuilding his shattered rep?

Finally, even if Michael Vick doesn't play another snap in ANY football league, he'll still be financially secure. And I will give you two words to explain why... book deal.

More from Michael Wilbon at the Washington Post, including some juice of Vick's money grubbing father. And I'll do a quick cut-and-paste of this thought from Wilbon to conclude:

Personally, I'd like to see Vick locked in a cage with six to eight of those pit
bulls and nothing but his hands to use in his own defense.



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1) Looks like you have a stalker there guys. Or more likely its SPAM! LOL
2) Anyway, we agree that no one should be giving Vick slack! He is an adult, and regardless of where he came from, he made his own(bad) choices that got him where he is today.
3) We like the idea of putting him in a cage and watch HIM fight one of his own dogs to the death! Now that would be a great PPV event! LOL