Thursday, August 9, 2007

Barry Bonds... Who Cares?

A couple of notes about the new "Homerun King."

Seriously folks... don't get your panties in a bunch. Alex Rodriguez will surpass Barry Bonds in another eight years or so and Barry will be a name of the past.

I like what Costas said, Barry is the homerun king of his generation. Hank was the kind of his. And the Babe was the king of his.

Did anyone see the ESPN poll about who the best homerun hitter of all-time is? Pretty close race for first and second. But the order is actually reversed from the numbers. Babe takes first. Hank in second. And Big Head comes up in third. I think the fans got this one right. The Babe did it in fewer at bats I believe. He most certainly didn't have the advantages hitters have today, specifically smaller ball parks.

I love the post-game question asked of Bonds about Greg Anderson... of course Bonds didn't have a message for Greg. But if he did really say what was on his mind, I'm sure it would be something like, "Don't worry Greg. I'm good for the payoff. You'll be taken care of when you get out of jail."

30 seconds of beating and a Mets' fan comes away with the ball. Truly, this has been the most interesting part of the whole homerun chase. When the Yanks came to town last weekend, I was definitely positioned in left field should ARod decide to pop the 500 cherry. I certainly wouldn't dive on top of people as one idiot did in San Fran. But I definitely would have made a respectful attempt to catch that ball. Let's face it folks... you're in for a pay day if you catch that ball. And no amount of memorabilia should ever stop a fan from not getting paid. These athletes make millions of dollars. You might as well make $50,000 or, who knows, $500,000!

By the way, Todd McFarlane awaits with an open check book for Barry's last career homerun. Expect millions to paid.

So will there ever be an asterick next to Barry Bonds' name? No chance. Bud Selig hasn't blown Barry out of the water because he is afraid too. Why would Bud be afraid? Because I guarantee you that there were more players on juice at some point then not. It just so happens that the juice made a great player, in Barry Bonds, into a freak of nature whereas it typically only makes an sub-par player into an average player.

But Bud doesn't want to open that can of worms. It would spell disaster for MLB. Do you honestly think that Bud Selig was not aware of the steroids problem in baseball? No chance! Bud was aware... and he let it go on as television ratings skyrocketed as balls were rocketed toward the bleachers in record numbers a few years ago.

Funny videos

How about this one? A record number of fans just turned out to see a guy that some might consider to be the most genuine player in baseball be inducted into the Hall of Fame last week. Did you know that Cal Ripken used to work out with Brady Anderson, a ball player that some instantly point to as a probable juicer? And you're going to tell me that Cal knew nothing about steroids when he played?

Again, this is way bigger than most think. So don't count on Barry being knocked off the record books at any point. If you want that to happen, become an ARod fan and start saying prayers for his health.

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