Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fantasy Football is Just Around the Corner

Are you ready for some (fantasy) football!!!???

I am. Actually I haven't been studying near as much as I should have. It seems like every year around this time, I start googling up free sites that offer player rankings and mock drafts. From there, if I feel up for it, I start diving into depth charts, bye weeks, and even strength of schedule.

By the time it is all said and done, I have a trsuty notebook that I take to my drafts, of which there are three this year.

I'm not gonna sugar coat this... I'm pretty good. Last year, I won a 12-team league and finished third in a 10-team league.

This year, I will be playing in three leagues. Two draft online and one drafts at a player's home with a board. In two of my leagues, I offer post-draft analyses of how each team did. That is just how into it I get.

That being said, here is my projected top fourteen picks in my CBSportsline league...

1) Ladanian Tomlinson - runs and catches.
2) Steven Jackson - runs and catches.
3) Larry Johnson - he just signed today; however, he will take a beating this year because the Chiefs are thin at QB. This is the most difficult to pick to have in the draft.
4) Frank Gore - beast
5) Brian Westbrook - not flying under anyone's radar this year
6) Joseph Addai - tough pick because he is young; but with no split time this year, he will be the chief recipient of ground TDs.
7) Shaun Alexander - #2 or #3 pick in year's past; injury trips him to #7 where he could pay huge dividends should he stay healthy.
8) Willie Parker - Slick Silly Willy is always set for a huge game.
9) Willis McGahee - he has a lot to prove after being a fantasy bust last year. The Ravens have a beefy O-line to help Willis out though.
10) Laurence Maroney - no Corey Dillon
11) Reggie Bush - still splitting carries with Deuce; but he will see an increase in touches this year. Still a bit too much of a gamble for me this early on though.
12) Rudi Johnson - Rudi is good for 80 and a TD a game it seems like.
13) Maurice Jones-Drew - if Fragile Fred goes down, Drew could be the steal of the draft... again! He's also good for a couple of KO return TDs too.
14) Travis Henry - can he benefit from "the system?"

Good luck to everyone this year. I may post some of the results of my drafts on the blog for comment.

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