Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Montoya Versus Harvick

A couple of thoughts:

Kevin Harvick is a loser and one day he is going to shove the wrong guy and get his skinny rear end popped.

I'm giving Montoya the win in this slugfest. One of those pushes landed flush to Harvick's helmet sending the Bean Pole backwards.

Take off the helmets! Maybe they do that in the Busch series ala minor leaguers shedding the lids more so than the NHLers. Either way, lids do damage to knuckles; so be gentlemanly and shed them next time.

1 comment:

jen said...

i'm no montoya fan, but in this match up, i totally agree with you. after blocking montoya's car and coming after him, all harvick did was a little flailing?! pussy. if he wasn't even going to get a good punch in, he shouldn't have bothered to get our hopes up.