Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Let's Migrate!

I liked the look and feel of http://www.blogspot.com/ so much that I felt the need to bring Two Minutes for Blogging over for a quick tour. Blogspot will help this blog and http://www.hockeyfansunite.com/ make contacts in the hockey community. What sort of contacts I don’t know. Our site has a slightly darker, what some call more realistic, side than most happy go lucky hockey blogs out there. As well, the main contributor, Sig/myself, works 40 hours a week and commutes another 12 hours a week as well. I won’t go into home life too much, but let’s just say that my wife’s stomach keeps getting a little bigger and cuter (if she reads this) each week. So each networking opportunity will be a stepping stone toward building some sort of rep in the hockey community. If you’d like to link up, please shoot me an email at siggy@hockeyfansunite.com. As well, if there are articles/comments that you want to pass along for this site or HFU, please do so at the same email address. For those that want to leave a comment to any of the blogs, please do so respectfully. I don’t run around calling people idiots like other blogs have been known to. If you have a point, state it and I will try to get back to you. And keep in mind that our opinions aren’t always going to mesh with the “new NHL.” So while Uncle Gary is out spinning attendance and t.v. ratings in his way, we’ll be in here spinning them in our own way. Ultimately, I can admit that the truth probably falls somewhere in between… probably a bit more to our side actually.

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