Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Has Terry Hynes been reading the site?

Check out his latest column at the Aurora here.

An excerpt from his column:

“I realize that everyone may feel different about this, but it’s amazing to be around someone who embraces the new rules and watch them curse out the refs because of a bad call that wouldn’t have been called prior to the rule change. Some think that this is the beginning of the end for hitting in hockey. Already affected in the league are the goons, the enforcers and the guys who have only two jobs—intimidate and fight.
These guys are getting few and far between and between you and me hockey isn’t hockey without the fighting. It’s been in the game since its creation. OK, so I like the new rules but not the enforcement of them. I like the two-line pass being legal because it helps eliminate the trap, one of the worst inventions in hockey history. The goalie cannot handle the puck like he used to and that isn’t a big deal unless your Martin Brodeur. For the most part I believe in the new rules, but if I could say one thing to the referee core of the NHL it would be, ‘lighten up, it’s only a game.’”

I am glad that others are taking notice Terry. I have said for a while now that the hard part about getting the word out about the lack of passion in the game is that the average hockey fan isn’t just out the door of the arena; they are in their car on the expressway home. Left over are the spoon fed hockey babies that think clutch and grab hockey is what I mean when I refer to traditional hockey. Preach on Terry, preach on!

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