Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Expansion? You're Kidding Right?

Damien Cox's blog, The Spin on Sports, is reporting that the NHL is currently chatting about the possibility of expanding the league by one team. Apparently, Jim Balsillie’s $175 million offer to buy the Pens raised some eyebrows in the NHL front office. And although hockey followers are already well aware of the watered down talent expansion has brought us over the years, the league apparently hasn’t taken notice. The league has proven time in and time out that they are not concerned with their perception to fans. So don’t be surprised if this talk comes to fruition. Quite frankly, I enjoy this sort of talk… I mean, can you imagine the thought of another expansion team? It would be great. The Panthers, for instance, have been nothing but beneficial for the league since 1993. Today, they are one of the most exciting teams to watch in the NHL… filled with a fine blend of talent and toughness. They pack the arenas on road trips. Robert Luongo thought a lot of the team too. Yes, that is just what we need. Another team in the NHL. Maybe when we get a new team, we’ll start reporting that attendance is up by 10,000 from last year to this year.

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