Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jack Abramoff affecting the bottom line of the Washington Capitals?

Sure enough! Apparently Abramoff, an imprisoned lobbyist, used to buy sky box tickets to the Verizon Center, home and the Caps and Wizards, and give them away to members of Congress as a thank you for their business. The problem is that Congressmen are not allowed to accept gifts over $50. Long story short, if a Congressman wants a set of tickets to a future Caps game, a recent search of ticket prices finds that they will be sitting in the Upper Concourse in Row N. While it’s close to the Skybox, something tells me it’s just not the same. Tell Hillary I said hello. And tell Abe Pollin there are still plenty of other wealthy corporations out there that are just as happy to purchase his tickets and give them away to clients that won’t show up for the games.

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