Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'd Love to See Ken Campbell Interview Donald Brashear...

The latest Hockey News had an interesting back-and-forth in it that is worth mentioning. It featured an article called "War of the Words" in which Mike Brophy and Ken Campbell debated hot hockey topics... the first was fighting.

Question: The vast majority of hockey fans like fighting, thats fact - so why, Ken should it be legislated out?

"KC: How do we know how many people we're turning off? Would those established fans stop buying tickets or stop watching games because two knuckle draggers dont go out there and beat each other up? Fighting in hockey is no longer a tactic or a way to fire up you team or any of that garbage that we keep hearing. It's a staged act between two idiots who dont belong in the league, pummeling one another. Hockey is the only sport that allows it and because hockey allowed it 100 years ago when we played the game on frozen ponds with broken tree limbs and everbody was Johnny Canuck that doesnt mean we should be doing it now."

Two idiots? Kenny must be real popular amongst some of the most popular guys in the dressing room these days...

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