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NHL Enforcer Articles - Time to Play Catch Up

I openly admit that my blog lacks focus. Really I just use this space to write what is on my mind (which can get cluttered - I have self-diagnosed a touch of ADD). That could be that Gary Bettman is running what was once a great sport into the ground (I almost lost my dinner last night when he popped up on the Caps game). That could mean providing some updates about the Capitals (I am a hockey friendly blog according to their website you know). And/or that could mean writing about the true characters of hockey, the tough guys (you know, the ones that make the fans cheer even louder than when a goal is scored - that burns that anti-fight crowd).

Being that Gary and the Caps have dominated TwoMinutes (this is the premeir TwoMinutes blog out there!) the last couple of entries, it's time to play catch up on some great enforcer articles.

Anyone heard of this Milan Lucic character? Do a YouTube on him. The kid is tough as nails.

The Boston Herald has taken notice... not once, but twice in the past couple of days.

Lucic took on Brad Winchester last night by the way, earning a solid edge against the opposing youngster. This was one second after the main event, Todd Fedorek -vs- Scott Thornton.

Anyone heard of this dope? Mr. Corbet writes that Dennis Bonvie might literally kill someone on the ice one day. He failed to mention that Bonvie is probably in his last season in the AHL and he hasn't come close to killing anyone in a 10+ year career. Corbet also plays the parent/child communication card, saying that parents have a hard time explaining why grown men are fighting on the ice.

To Dopey Corbet, I say this... Any ARTICULATE parent doesn't have that problem. If you can't explain to your child that what is happening on the ice is not what should happen at school, then you had problems communicating with your child BEFORE you got to the rink.

Mr. Corbet is just another anti-fight writer trying to make a name for himself. Thank you for joining the Beat Up As A Kid link on Twominutes dope. (Side note - a poster at Fried Chickens found a very interesting article questioning Corbet's ethics. Good read... scroll down for the article and bolded section.)

Anyone see the Jon Mirasty got a part-time offer with the Syracuse Crunch? YouTube Mirasty (he goes by the nickname Nasty Mirasty) and you will see that this guy is an absolute animal. Be sure to skip the Steve Bosse fights (he was rumored to be signed by Hershey last year). Mirasty has a hard time against Steve.

Hey, Donald Brashear builds homes! I don't know why that is important. But it's worth a quick read.

A Lappy story out of the Denver Post. Laperriere is a warrior. And it just so happens that he found Mr. Tootoo the other night against the Predators. Someone's not wasting time, eh?

Olli Jokinen says that the Panthers need an enforcer. But of course Jacques Martin would prefer not to "waste" a spot on a guy that doesn't play that much. And of yeah, the Panthers are "team tough." Yeah, that's what every team that lacks an enforcer says, true or not. Has anyone noticed that we have 30 "team tough" teams in the NHL? I haven't.

Speaking of NOT being team tough, the Detroit Red Wings cut Aaron Downey. This after keeping him on the roster through all of pre-season AND the first game of the season. No worries once again, the Wings are team tough too because they once had Brendan Shanahan and Bob Probert and Joe Kocur and... seriously, how embarrassing is it to be a Wings fan right now?

Derek Boogaard (the apparent second coming of Bob Probert) got edged out by David Koci the other night in a slug fest (in which many punches didn't land). Minnesota fans are in denial about this one. Psst... it's okay if the big guy loses every now and then.

Gary Bettman wants to get hit-to-hurt guys out of the NHL so much so that he had his lap dog, Collie (seriously, Bettman calls him this) Campbell, call the Islanders (Hollweg), Predators (Tootoo), and Wild (Boogaard). Apparently these guys will be "watched closely" this year.

That is the NHL for you folks... objective as ever. These three guys couldn't take a $@)! without the NHL inspecting it, especially Boogaard who actually got a penalty for getting punched in the eye the other night.

Ah yes, on to Steve Downie, who the AHL has decided to suspend for a month of play. The NHL has made Downie the face of "hit-to-hurt" players. Nice job making an example out of A KID that hasn't even played in an NHL game. For some background on Downie, read this article posted at Flyersphans.

More on hit-to-hurt player, Jordin Tootoo. Looks like he cheated on Kellie Pickler. Can't really say I blame him. He's young. He's a star in Nashville. And there are so many hot single chicks in Nashville, it's not even funny. Well I guess he could have broken up with her first, then had some fun. Gross misconduct! Oh yes, the "new NHL" doesn't have that traditional penalty anymore.

Just a quick tid bit on Bettman. Last night, he said there are rumors that ESPN is interested in the NHL. He better play smart on this one. Versus can't carry ESPN's jock. Nuff said.

My top ten heavyweights going into the season:

Laraque (he'd better fight more this year or he drops)
King (he was GREAT in his short stint last year)
Shelly (although I’m not that high on his fighting ability anymore)

Darkhorse - Mr. Koci, George Parros (for frequency, not results)

Finally, I actually gave away four tickets to opening night at the Verizon Center tonight. 200 level at center ice. Who, in their right mind, would pay to see one of the softest teams on ice, the Carolina Hurricanes, play?

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