Friday, October 5, 2007

$258 to Take a Family of Four to an NHL Game

And I rounded down...

To all those that say that hockey is a family friendly sport, I point you to the Team Marketing Report.

Some quick hits from their Fan Cost survey, now going on its 15th year:

The most expensive team to see play is the Montreal Canadians at a whopping $332.

The Phoenix Coyotes are in last (just like in the standings) at $181.

If I have one more kid, that will give me four in my family and we can go see a Washington Capitals game for a cool $230... pocket change, right?

The most expensive beer goes to Los Angeles at $7.25. Dallas (yeehaw!) charges almost half as much ($4).

It looks like Florida (21%), Carolina (28%), and St. Louis (17% because they packed em in like sardines last year...) feel its time to start charging families more to see a game this year compared to last.

And oh yes, 18 teams have raised the average ticket price, 10 teams did not change their price, and 2 actually dropped ticket prices (one of which is Toronto who still has the second highest ticket price of all NHL teams).

So to all those dopes out there that think it is reasonable for a family of four to see an NHL game, think again. And all that coin for what owners will even refer to as a niche sport... oh yes, they're just covering the t.v. ratings debacle when they do that. I forgot.


Howie said...


The best value in the NHL is clearly the Buffalo Sabres (of course I'm biased). I took my wife and daughter to a preseason game a few weeks ago and it cost me $50 for three tickets (upper tier but at center ice) and $8 for snacks (water and pretzel because we ate before.) So for $58 and $8 for parking = $66 and $10 Burger King on the way = $76 total for the evening. Now, if I was eating solely at the arena, that would be much higher, and it was a preseason game. But that's why those games are just as popular...because families don't have the money. But according to that report, Buffalo is at around $185. That's still the second-best value in the league. Come up here, see Niagara Falls, eat at one of the great restaurants and take in a game!

Sig said...

Hey Howie... nice to see a comment from you. I'd much rather watch a Sabres game then the Caps any day! I will disagree on the value though. I get Caps tickets for FREE all the time. My brother works at a company that has some 200 employees and NO ONE ever requests them. If, by some chance, someone does, I hit the streets where scalpers will hand over tickets at 50% off. Toss in some nachos and a beer and I got it done at less than $50!!! :)

Hannibal said...

Try more like 450+ people. They try to give them away (they are meant for PR) and most times, people reluctantly say "yes" with no intention of ever going. I can't count how many times I've grabbed tickets from the "corner" distributer only to find the company seats wide open. Only time I will go (and not buy them) is when there is a gurantee of some fire works happening. Those are the only games I really get worked for enough to shell out my own $$$.