Monday, October 8, 2007

Clean Hit by Neil Shelves Superstar Avery

Sean Avery is hurt... again. Guess he won't be making the Islanders game, you know the one he wanted to play in sooo bad because he is sooo good at policing the ice.

But nope, Chris Neil walloped Avery with a clean open ice hit the other night, sending Avery to the locker room and sidelining him for four weeks with a separated shoulder. Of course the hit resulted in an elbowing call for Neil. Sadly enough, its yet another example of Bettman's zebras being oversensitive to what are really clean hits. Watching Neil's elbow as comes in... it's down and so is Avery.

I tried to find some Avery comments about Neil but was unsuccessful. No worries, the inevitable 'Chris Neil is a thug and I am a goal scoring machine" comments will be in the presses soon enough.


vakfan said...

The hit looks clean, but that one is really difficult for the refs, as Neil´s elbow comes up just after the impact.


1) Its commo for guys to have their arms go forward in a follow through after delivering a shoulder check.
2) No onewas better at that than Scott Stevens