Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wow Was the Skills Competition Poorly Run

Thirty minutes after the skills competition and I am still trying to figure out how Brian Campbell ended up as the East's representative in the fastest skater finals. I think he was the slowest guy out there!

How pathetic were some of the attempts on the Breakaway Challenge? Can someone tell Nabakov to back up in his crease and not stop Marty St. Louis before he even gets a chance to start his trick shot???

Oh yes, what was the score to the Young Guns game? Because someone was having a hard time keeping track during the game.

And please, can we ask Rick Depietro how he got so good at shooting the puck the length of the ice one more time???

Finally, never have the All-Star game in Hotlanta a game. You could hear a pin drop. Don't reward non-hockey towns with all-star games.... ever.



1) When was the All-Star game?

DMG said...

I'd have to disagree there - I think Atlanta did a nice job of hosting the game and the crowd was plenty loud during times you'd expect.

Plus it did get people here talking about hockey.