Friday, January 25, 2008

NHL Fighting Majors Leaders with notes


Jared Boll - 18
Amazing fight total right now for the youngster. Boll has taken on all willing middleweights with a side of heavies mixed in.

Riley Cote - 15
Cote is the hottest fighter in the league right now, with the exception of his fight against Laraque last night. He has scored some good wins over Peters, Rupp, and "the newspaper yapper" McGrattan.

David Clarkson - 14
Is he a pest? Or is he a fighter? He's both. And he did NOT get scratched by Steve Downie the other night. Stop whining Devils fans!

George Parros - 14
"The stache" continue to rack up the fight totals. Coming back from a bummed knee, he had a nice showing against David "the nose" Koci last night.

Zack Stortini - 12
"The Hugger" has been very active of late, fighting some seven times in a two-week span!!!

Colton Orr - 11
Had a boring fight with against Boulton the other night. That being said, he is logging some great minutes in New York and is even seeing time to start the game and end the game.

Krys Barch - 10
If he played against the Ducks 15 times, he'd have 15 fights. Him and Brad May have something going, although there is a good amount of respect there as Barch pointed out a helmet below May's feet before they fought last time. May later said he appreciated that.

Daniel Carcillo - 10
Coming back from a knee injury, Carcillo will see a game or two in San Antonio before getting called back up. Carcillo is easily one of the most exciting young players in the game right now.

Eric Godard - 10
He can't skate, he can't score. But he can fight! We're all just waiting for him and Boogaard to hook up. Let's make that happen some time this year, eh?

Ian Laperriere - 10
Lappy continues to rack up the fight totals. This guy does not take a night off.

D.J. King - 9
Probably the best win percentage in the past two years, I had D.J. King at 17-2 (only losses to Boogaard) at one point. King is also one of the most exciting fighters in the league right now, showing a willingness to open up and go toe-to-toe with opponents.

Georges Laraque - 9
BGL (Big Georges Laraque) has been less than impressive this year. He has scored some wins, but in boring fashion for the once "heavyweight champ" of the league. His balance has been his achilles heal.

Milan Lucic - 9
A broken nose from hitting the end boards has sidelined the fighting side of the 19 year olds game as of late. But word has it that Lucic will be able to test it out some time after the all-star break.

Aaron Voros - 9
One of the most exciting young players in the game right now, Voros does it all. Fights, grinds in the corners, checks, and battles in front of the net. How can you not like this guy???

Adam Burish - 8
Who is Adam Burish? An American-born lightweight that has taken on the likes of Drake, Ritchie (anyone that fights him is okay in my book), and Lappy. Chicago fans have got to like this guy!

Tim Jackman - 8
The quiet giant (is 6'4" a giant these days?), Jackman is picking up the slack that Chrissy Simon has left.

David Koci - 8
"The Nose" has been fairly inactive as of late. Yawn.

Andrew Peters - 8
Easily the most disappointing fighter of the year, Peters throws and misses a couple of bombs every fight. It looks like the guy is afraid to take a punch.

Andre Roy - 8
Roy continues to quietly impress. He put the beat down on Luke Richardson last night.

Chris Thorburn - 8
Thorburn makes for a nice one/two punch in Pittsburgh, with guys like Armstrong and Malone rounding out a fine cast of brawlers.

Eric Boulton - 7
Boulton has been mad as of late, earning himself a much-deserved Game Misconduct for pounding on some Sabres the other night. See what happens when you don't dress your heavy Lindy Ruff???

Donald Brashear - 7
The current "Champ" of the NHL, with only one loss coming to Brian McGrattan, Brashear has been impressive again this year. His highlight fight came when he dropped BGL with two lefts to the noggin.

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I don't see Mike Rupp's name ??
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