Thursday, January 24, 2008

Long Time No Write

To my thousands of readers (or internet browsers looking for the latest/greatest hockey fight Youtube clip), I apologize for the recent lapse in posts. Word around my office, however, has it that we are all getting our own personal lap tops and crackberries; so access to the net will be a plenty, including my three hour commutes to and fro work and home. So that time will be used more for updating this blog and less for sleeping (except in the morning that is!).

A couple of updates on what I have been up to. A few weeks ago, I attended the Washington Capitals' Meet and Greet for season ticket holders. And, no, I am NOT a season ticket holder. If I wanted season tickets, I'd pay less going to the scalpers outside the Verizon Center and buying tickets before each game! But a friend of mine is and since he didn't care to go, I benefited. Apparently other teams don't do this for their season ticket holders. Montreal and Toronto would probably fill their arenas. But for the Caps, let's just say it was intimate atmosphere. It was cool seeing Leonsis announce OV's new contract. Then OV got up there and said his typical broken English "I love Washington. I bring you the Cup" speech that got the crowd pumped. After that, I was able to nab a couple OV autographs. I even met Ted and mentioned my blog. Ted no likey my blog because we've had some back-and-forth disagreements via email about the state of the league and a one Gary Bettman. I also got to tour the Caps' locker room, training room, etc. It wasn't near as nice as I thought it would be. But since the Verizon Center has some 15 different locker rooms, I guess it can't be that big. And the locker room itself smelled just like a high school locker room, complete with jock rot and body odor.

I've caught all the recent Caps' games; and one can't help but be excited about the Caps' fortunes under Coach Boudreau. The prime-time players are starting to play as such. And even Thomas Fleischmann has started to mold into the Flash he has been hyped to be at the AHL level. Ovechkin has gained the scoring lead over that cheap prick from Atlanta (recently suspended BTW... but not for long enough... cough cough... star treatment). Alexander Semin has also lit the lamp with some spectaular goals of late as well. Now if we could only teach him how to backcheck, we'd have a complete player. And while I like seeing Erskine in there, he has taken some bad penalties of late, almost as if he feels obligated to get out of position and haul down a player every game. Mr. Donny Brash (even though he dissed me at the meet and greet) has been skating solid shifts. He hasn't had any takers lately though. Hopefully that will change against the Leafs tonight should Paul Maurice leave his panties at home and dress Wade Belak (doubtful).

So that's it for now. I really do hope to get on here more and write more. When I was writing consistently, I had a nice following. So we'll see about picking the traffic back up in the near future.

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