Friday, September 21, 2007

Ken Campbell Doesn't Get It...

Campbell's Cuts... read it, digest it, then osmose this garbage right out of your system.

Ken Campbell is another hockey wimp that saw an opportunity and jumped on it. Sure Kenny, a couple of fighters have gotten hurt this year. The insight is appreciated by all.

It's hockey Kenny. Not the ice capades (well, I'm not so sure about in the new NHL). Players are going to get hurt. After all, they are 8% faster and can hit harder as a result, right?

As for the tough guys, well, those shiny new jerseys sure are tight. And they sure do rip easily. So expect so more toe-to-toe action this year. And fully expect more injuries as these guys swing freely.

But feel sorry for someone else Kenny. These guys love their jobs... they love protecting their teammates. Bumps, bruises, cuts, and even the occasional break all heal. You won't hear them complain.

And one more thing, I'd love to see you get real close to one of those guys and call them a "like-minded lunkhead." Nah, stick behind the keyboard... it's safe there.

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REALhockeyfan said...

from NY Islanders site: "Fan of the Game: Chris (with Islanders jersey) from West Hampton Beach was really excited to be at the Islanders game tonight. "It's the best sporting event ever," said Chris. "You can't beat seven fights in one game."">ype=1&gnum=63