Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cry Scott Cry!!!

Scott Morrison, from CBC, doesn't like the fact that Chris Simon was allowed to play against the Islanders last night. Simon, of course, has five regular season games left to service on his 25 game suspension for whacking Ryan Hollweg in the kisser with his stick.

So yes, according to Morrison, he should be allowed to play in the preseason. But no, not against the Islanders. According to Morrison:

Where is the common sense?

Simon shouldn't have been anywhere near the ice against the Rangers for all the obvious reasons. And especially since the Rangers decided to dress Ryan Hollweg, the player Simon chopped down his with his stick back on March 8 to earn the supreme wrath of the league.
Serioulsy, does any have Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" lyrics handy? Thank you Gary.

Scott, Captain Obvious has something to say to you... this is hockey! Players hit; they check; and they occasionally fight. It happens.

I 100% guarantee you that if you were to ask any Ranger in that dressing room whether or not they thought Simon should be playing, they would tell you no or they could care less.

If anything, the preseason is the most opportune time for the two teams to get the bad blood out as two points are not on the line.

But a brawl happend. And that made Scott angry. So he pecked at his keyboard and blamed somebody (I'm still not sure who) for letting Simon play.

And while Scott was pecking, fans that tuned into the game were hooting and hollering as they witnessed some old time hockey and, dare I say it (this will burn Gary), a rivalry brewing.



1) He also failed to recall it was Hollweg who initiated the incident last year (Though we DO condemn Simon's response!) It was Simon was injured (concussion) by Hollweg before Simon tried to decapitate Hollweg
2) The other night the rangers AND Hollweg again initiated the festivities. BTW, it was an awesome game to watch. Made us think/recall the glorious 70's when games like that were the norm! We bet no one left the building during that game!

Hannibal said...

Exactly who is Scott faulting? Considering the incident last year - any "revenge" would have been on the part of Hollweg. IE - Hollweg would have had to initiate any "interaction." This makes no sense to me. Scratch Simon so Hollweg doesn't go after him? Who has the issue here? Hollweg for not having self restraint? Are officials supposed to remove the "tempatation" on behalf of Hollweg?? LOL.

It was a great game but lets keep in mind - both "events" were initiated by Hollweg - not Simon. If anyones absence would have led to a "calmer" (ie - more boring game), it would have been Hollweg's.