Thursday, September 13, 2007

How Pathetic are the Orioles?

I'm a home town guy; so I stick with my teams through thick and thin. And while I want to become a Nats fan, I'll wait for them to get that farm system rolling and get a couple wins under their belt before I transfer over.

In the mean time, the Orioles are, unfortunately, my baseball team. Folks... it is embarrassing.

The Orioles problems start at the top with a one Mr. Peter Angelos. That being said, one of the few things that keeps me hanging on as a fan are the stories that Cal Ripken will one day take over as the O's owner. Please, please, please make that sooner rather than later Cal. I drink my milk daily in anticipation.

On to this season, which going into it I was fairly optimistic. Did I think we would make the playoffs? No chance. We won't make the playoffs until the O's aren't in the same division as the money bag Yanks (as long as they lose, I'm happy) and Sox OR until monkeys fly out of my...

Fast forward to now and this is easily the worst season the Orioles have ever seen. Kevin Cowherd from the Baltimore Sun puts it best...

First they signed their manager to a new contract and promptly lost 30-3, becoming the first team in almost 110 years to give up that many runs.

Then another team scored 11 runs in one inning against them.

Then another team's rookie pitcher threw a no-hitter against them in only his second major league start.

Then their best pitcher, in the running for the Cy Young Award, went down with a season-ending injury.

Then another promising pitcher went down with a possible season-ending injury.

Then another player was accused of receiving steroids and human growth hormone.
Mix in one of the worst stetches of baseball played in any team's history and one of the most dreadful bullpens, well again, in any team's history and you can't help but feel sorry for us Orioles fans (right?).

Now this isn't very bloggeresque; but I can't help but say it... the Orioles downright suck arse.

God I hope the Caps give me something to cheer about this year.

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Anonymous said...

They suck ass. For 10 years, they have not been playing too well. They have lost so many games that the coach for them should be fired