Friday, July 20, 2007

I just watched Gus Hanson lose $300K in two hours

Okay... so I play a little bit of online poker at Full Tilt. This morning I logged on and saw Gus Hanson sitting at a heads up $200/$400 NL table with pr1nnyraid. The minimum buy in is $800, but word is Gus started with close to $100K.

I sat and watched for a while and watched as Gus' stack dwindled. There were some absolutely sick hands. And as Gus said as he left the table, he was favored in most of them when the chips went all in.

The biggest was an A10 -vs- AK (for Gus) pre-flop all in where pr1nny nailed trips and sucked out. He later sucked out again with AQ -vs- Gus' KK and hit his Ace for a $70K win.

Another was Gus' 99 -vs- pr1nny's 33 with pr1nny hitting his 3 for trips. I believe there was a similar hand like this as well.

I also saw Gus push all in for less than 20K with 22 and pr1nny calling with an A/face card and nailing Gus again.

And while Gus ran into a lot of bad beats, he wouldn't leave the table and kepy buying back in for 15K and 20K at a time, only to push all in and lose over and over again.

By the time it was said and done and Gus left, pr1nny was sitting with over 310K.

And pr1nny's response when Gus said he was favored in most all ins?

"What can I say? The system must be rigged." A little salt on the wound.

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