Thursday, July 5, 2007

Free Agency Notes from Two Minutes

I tried my best to keep up with the signings... I think I did a pretty good job actually. But I'll let the big boys like Kukla, Spector, and TSN break the rest of the overpayments for free agents.

Additionally, TSN has a pretty good transactions page for a sumamry of signings.

As for winners and losers, you have to like what the Rags and Flyers did, although I've never liked Briere. Edmonton, Los Angeles, and the Islanders are your losers.

As a Caps' fan, I'm happy with the moves they made, snatching up two Isles to add some second line depth on the O and D. They also picked up Nylander, making sure they had a signed contract and not just some agreement from his agent before announcing his addition to the team. Nylander will net Ovechkin another 10-20 goals this year. So don't be surprised to see AO rack up 70 goals. Alexander Semin might tack on another 50 with the additions of Kozlov and Nicklas Backstrom. These top two lines should be able to compete with any in the league. Just don't be surprised if the Caps give up 50 shots a game as well...

Check out a a good CBA read from the Habs Inside/Out. The best part of the read actually comes from the comments.

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