Friday, March 14, 2008

Wake Up Colin Campbell!!!

Chris Pronger 100% INTENTIONALLY STOMPED on Kesler!!!!! When you do NOTHING about this, you are discrediting the NHL. Keep up the good work.

New, up-close, YouTube footage:

Update - Collie decided to wake up. Eight games for the Anaheim Captain. Not surprising that he took the suspension like a man. While I regularly question Pronger's testosterone levels, Brian Burke probably sat him down before his post-suspension press conference and gave him some tips on acting manly.



1) Is there any doubt that media/fan/blog outrage influenced this move? We like the bullshit explanation that they got "new video" which changed their minds.
2) Come on, what does the NHL think we're a bunch of brain dead idiots? Well, probably they do, but we're not falling for it. The same league thats responsible for all replay reviews doesn't have every angle available to review the pronger play???? LOL That doesn't even pass the sniff test!

Anonymous said...

Campbell said by suspending Pronger 8 games it cost him 600k. So I guess any player making more than 4 million is not allowed to be suspended for an extended period of time because it will cost them too much money. Guys making 800k are the only ones allowed to be suspended for 25 games. After taxes they are pretty playing that season for free.