Monday, December 3, 2007

Tonight's Tickets Distributed is....

When the home team announces "tonight's home attendance is..." why don't they just start saying, "tonight's sold and distributed tickets is..."???

Anyone that follows the NHL knows that, on some nights, there is literally 1/3 of the announced attendance actually sitting in a seat.

Is it not embarrassing to turn on your favorite sport on a Wednesday night only to see countless empty seats? The Capitals and Islanders arenas are glaringly empty these days.

So while Gary keeps projecting record breaking attendance this year, why aren't fans actually showing up to games?

The Board of Governors should ask that very question the next time they talk about the state of the game.


DMG said...

Attendance is down because people don't care about scoring (unless it's ridiculously low all the time) and miss fighting and physical play.

And yes, as a Capitals fan it is embarrassing to have so many empty seats most nights, although some of that has to do with how bad the team has been, so many other options in D.C. and the schedule the Caps have had to play.


1) This silly concept of measuring attendance is a total joke! The other night the islanders gave away literally 2,000 free tickets to kids under 16 because they can't get over 10,000 on week nights any other way.
2) Once they show "tickets sold" or better yet those who are actually there, can Bettman legitimately crow about attendance records!