Monday, December 3, 2007

So Now Teams are Going to be Penalized?

Brian Burke will love this one.

A week after calling an all-hands GM telecon to discuss why GMs were left out of the NHL's decision to tweak the rules and hand out bigger suspensions this year, Collie Campbell and Gary Bettman have warned Philadelphia Flyers GM, Paul Holmgren, that his team was "under watch" and there could be possible team ramifications for another on-ice lapse in judgement by a Flyers' player.

I can help but wonder if this is similar to those infamous pre-game phone calls teams get when there is build up to a game?

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1) Our blog did a post on this very subject. We don't as much have a problem with penalizing a team as we do in the manner in which this is being handled
2) As always the NHL is reacting to media criticism. If they want to change the rules (as this seems to be) do it appropriately at a GM/owners meeting.
30 This "Double Secret probation" the Flyers are under is a joke!