Tuesday, June 5, 2007

See, I told you so...

After getting impaled a few weeks ago regarding my stance on European captains (a friend of mine actually called me a racist after reading it), I'd just like to bring this up about what kind of a gutless puke Daniel Alfredsson is.

Twenty years ago, if you wanted to spark your team after a poorly-played period of hockey, as a captain and a leader you'd go out and drop the gloves and take a guy on in a fight, or lay out a hard hit and try to get the other team called for a retaliation penalty. Why this?

Firing the puck at your opponent? Come on now, that's cheap by anyone's standards. As a member at TheNHLArena.com said, "That's the thing with Alfie. He pulls his s***, never gets suspended for it, and rarely has to pay the price from opposing players for some reason. Ah well, it was a little taste of why he is continually booed by Leaf fans all these years. Honestly, if Alfredsson wasn't the guy Bettman would have to hand the cup over to in the eventuality of an Ottawa win, perhaps cheering for them would be much easier. But in this series, Niedermayer is the classier captain, and deserves to be the player to raise Lord Stanley over his head first."

I can't argue with that. I wouldn't care as much if it were Wade Redden, Chris Phillips, or even Anton Volchenkov wearing the C. But any captain, even any player, who does a thing like this and is considered a leader doesn't deserve to win.

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Stevens8204 said...

Heh...couldn't bribe ya to do a few writeup on The NHL Arena Program could I? Great blog there...I think the wife and I could only sit there and go what the ****? A couple hours after the game we were probably more ticked off honestly. Drop me an email.



1) Guess we were one of the few who believed the Alfredsson incident was way overblown. There have been way more incidents this season that were far worse than this.
2) Its open to interpretation if it was even intentional. We believe that its only a suspendable offense IF
a) a player intentionally shoots at a player who is OFF the ice
b) Shoots at an official
c) A shot is taken well after the play is over
3) As it was Niedermayer was in front of Alfredsson, play was on going. he may have just been shooting it in to kill the period? Had he and Scott words before this to give motivation for such a move?

SportsFan In Da House said...

Good post, I was so pissed when I saw that shit, and he even didn't get a penalty for shooting the puck at Niedermayer or for the sucker punch on Moen, and there was a linesman right in front of Alfie. What a friggin joke. I wrote about this incident on my blog as well. Like I wrote on my blog, if a tough guy like Neil, May, or Thornton, or even Pronger did that he would be penalized and suspended. But no, not Alfie. wtf is that? That shows you right there that star players get special treatment. I lost a lot of respect for Alfredson from that incident, what a classless loser.

bankmeister said...

Hey. Really dig the blog. I'll disagree with your take on Alfredsson, though. Gutless puke? I think that's a stretch. He claims he didn't mean to hit Neidermayer, who by the way, NHLArena guy, had already lifted the cup before the Sens captain. Three times, even.

Guess I'll agree with fauxrumors that the thing was overblown.

Keep up the good work, though.