Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is why Jim Kelley is a Dope

Check out the article written by Sportsnet's Jim Kelley. After reading about the professionalism of bloggers versus paid writers over at Off Wing, I couldn't help but leave a comment stating that paid writers make mistakes all the time.

Well thank you to "Beat Up as a Kid" Jim Kelley for being a timely example just one day later.

According to Jim:

Wasn't it just two days ago that the Ducks got a two-man advantage in the final minutes of Game 5 in Detroit, a five-on-three that produced the game-tying goal that propelled them to an overtime win in what proved to be the most important
win in the series?
Ahem... someone let Jim know that the Ducks pulled their goaltender to make it six-on-four advantage.

Jim then follows up with his gem:

The Ducks didn't deserve all the calls that went against them in Game 5 Tuesday night, but in the split-second world of decision making sometimes the calls that go against you are the ones where the officials think that you did it because you always do it.
Ahem... it was Game 6 Tuesday night Jim.

Maybe Jim should be demoted to a blogger if he can't live up to the professional standards that paid writers apparently have.

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