Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Baby Time and NHL Playoffs

Wierd combination eh? Well, let me tell you what that equals... very little time for blogging. The wife and I had our first child on May 8th, Lucas Alan. He came into the world at 7 lbs, 7 oz and 21 inches long. A pretty good size, especially when he came three weeks early.

Lucas broke mom and dad in early by developing a nice case of jaundice. It kept us in the hospital for an extra four sleepless nights. Since coming home, he has been an absolute angel. The kid only cries when he is hungry, cold, or needs a diaper change. He's a good looking kid too. I know, I know... I'm a little partial. But take a look for yourself.... lots of hair. A masculine baby as a good friend put it.

Lucas has been introduced to the sports world early with lots of Sports Center and baseball and NBA playoffs. I gave him a taste of the NHL playoffs, but he promptly dozed off.

While he was sleeping, I took in some of the Wings/Ducks game. It certainly is a fast-paced game. But unless you have a team left in the playoffs, truly, how exciting is it to watch playoff hockey? Not very in my opinion. The games are lackluster... not even the rugged Ducks can get the Wings riled up for an intense series. Was anyone else sickened when the Wings players just stood there as Holmstrom was decked from behind and bleeding from the head? That is playoff hockey at its finest folks... don't protect your teammates. My estrogen levels soared watching the game. I promptly turned it off for fear I would be shopping for a training bra the next day.

Anyone catch the NHL's should-be next Commissioner on the Jim Rome Show? It was actually not very newsworthy. He admitted that he had a tough team and that they like to grind out games and fight if need be. Brian Burke is a breath of fresh air in the new-PC-NHL. Other GMs and owners would be smart to listen to some of his ideas.

Tomas Backstrom threw out the first pitch at the Nats game the other day. Look out NHL... this kid is going to be good. And add him to a young nucleus of OV and A. Semin in Washington and you are looking at a team with three young future stars in the NHL. Backstrom was interviewed during the game. The language barrier, which is a reason NHL players are so hard to market, seemed to be a problem for Tomas. "Very exciting" and "yes" were as much as he could get out. Uncle Ted took over shortly after and said the Caps would be adding three to five veterans in the off-season. With other big name clubs, like the Flyers, looking to spend money, I just hope the Caps can get what they want without overpaying. Chris Drury would be a perfect fit in the Washington... he has the workman's attitude that has come to define DC hockey. If the Caps get Briere, I might lose my cookies. Simply put, he is top ten in the NHL in hit-and-run hockey. Stay away Caps!



1) Congrats!! What a head of hair on him!! LOL

Bethany said...

Awh Congrats!! He is beautiful!!